"Not What You Have, But You" -Fr. Harold Purcell

Holy Days


In the Dioceses of the United States of America, there are six Holy Days of Obligation where Catholics are required to attend Mass.  They are:

January 1st Mary, Mother of God
40 Days After Easter Sunday The Ascension of the Lord
August 15th The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
November 1st The Solemnity of All Saints
December 8th The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
December 25th The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas)

Some of these Holy Days may be transferred to a Sunday in the Archdiocese of Mobile at the discretion of the Archbishop of Mobile.  There will be an announcement made if this is to be the case.

Here at The City of St. Jude Parish, our Holy Day Schedule is as follows (with the exception of Christmas):

Vigil Mass (The Evening Before) 5:30pm (no music, no choir, recited prayers)
Holy Day (The Day Itself) 5:30pm (hymns, choir, incense, sung prayers)

Christmas (and Easter) has its own proper schedule which is different from the above.  However, the Christmas (and Easter) schedule will be posted to the website with ample time for planning purposes.