"Not What You Have, But You" -Fr. Harold Purcell

St. Jude Apartments


St. Jude Apartments is a safe, affordable living complex with the simple mission of providing an appealing community for adults 55 and older that will enhance their quality of life and social well-being.

Since 1992, St. Jude Apartments has operated as an affordable apartment community for senior citizens. What was once the St. Jude Catholic Hospital is now home to some 50 senior residents seeking to thrive in a vibrant community that offers many opportunities of growth, friendship and spirituality. Seniors are able to maintain their independence while enjoying the company of others who share similar life experiences.


In addition to standard amenities, we also offer organized group activities, an activity lounge and convenient shopping options. Each month, residents over the age of 60 receive a Senior Supplement Box filled with nutritious, non-perishable food items from the Montgomery Area Food Bank.