"Not What You Have, But You" -Fr. Harold Purcell

Funerals & Burials

It is never an easy time when we lose a loved one.  Although Christians do not mourn like those without hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), we know that death was not the original plan of God but is a consequence of sin (Genesis 3:17-19) and therefore there is a sadness that accompanies the death of a loved one.  Jesus Himself wept at the death of his close friend, Lazarus (John 11:35).

As Catholics, we know that it is a good and holy thing to pray for those who have died and commend their souls to God (2 Maccabees 12:38-45).  The best thing a Catholic can do for a loved one who has died, is to arrange for a funeral Mass at the local Parish church with the body of the deceased present, and then to bury the body as soon as possible in a cemetery.  It is not permissible for a Catholic to have his or her ashes scattered, or to be kept in the home of a loved one, or simply to be kept in storage.  Catholics should have a full funeral, with a Mass at a Catholic church, and then be properly buried in a cemetery.  This is out of respect for the body of the deceased person, who our faith tells us will rise again on the Last Day when Jesus comes again.

Here at St. Jude, we respectfully ask that before you make plans with a funeral director or a funeral home, that you please contact the Parish Office to schedule a meeting with the Pastor or one of the Deacons.  This is so that we can ensure that a Funeral Mass can be scheduled at a day and time that both the Priest and the church are available.  We will also help you to choose appropriate Scripture readings and hymns/chants for the funeral Mass.