"Not What You Have, But You" -Fr. Harold Purcell

Becoming a Catholic


The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA) is a period of discernment for those who are not members of the Roman Catholic Church wherein they learn about the Catholic faith, are immersed little-by-little into Catholic spirituality and life, and finally make the decision whether or not to enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

OCIA is a discernment process, and for that reason, it takes as long as the person needs.  Ultimately the decision to become a Catholic or not rests with the individual.  OCIA provides a time and a space to ask questions, to pray, and to make the decision to become a Catholic in freedom.

Here at St. Jude, OCIA formally begins with weekly meetings in early Fall and continues until a few weeks after Easter.  If you are interested in starting the OCIA, please contact the Parish Office via phone or email.  It is not too late or too early to reach out!